Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett On Finally Becoming The ‘Ringleader’

Chris Shiflett who we know as the lead guitarist of Foo Fighters, continues his solo career with his new album, ‘Lost at Sea.’ He recently spoke to GuitarPlayer about working with his own band on his solo project. When asked what it was like to be the ringleader in the room, Chris said:

“I don’t view myself as the ringleader in that situation. I mean, in a sense, it is my session, but I’m leaning on everybody else in the room a lot and I don’t want to meddle too much in what they’re doing. I like when you’ve got a bunch of different guitar players on a track, because on previous records, where I’ve been playing all of the electric guitar, I start to get bored with myself. “

He continued by explaining how he worked in the studio. He said:

“I like to have other people bringing their ideas to it. I don’t know how much they get policed on other sessions, but I don’t think I said shit to any of ’em about what they were planning to do. It was ‘just let it roll and see what happens.’ There was never anything I didn’t like or felt like I needed to change.”

Shiflett On His New Solo Album ‘Lost At Sea’

Chris Shiflett released his third solo album, ‘Lost at Sea’, on October 20, 2023. He spoke about his new album in an interview with the local Miami news TV program ‘Deco Drive.’ He said:

“My idea was just go record a couple songs here, a couple songs there, work with a bunch of different producers, but then, you know, the first weekend that I flew out to Nashville to do that, I recorded a couple of songs with Jaren Johnston from Cadillac Three producing, and I just loved how they turned out, and it kind of pointed in a little bit of a different direction for me, you know, for my solo stuff.”

In an interview with Forbes, Shiflett talked about writing songs for the new album not by himself but with the band. He said:

“I really enjoy doing co-writes with people. I think it’s really fun. It’s different than when you’re writing something by yourself, you know? You kind of get different results. Because, on one hand, it becomes a little less personal to you. Because you’re drawing from multiple people’s sort of life experience. So, things always kind of go in some different directions. It’s not your story anymore – it’s part of your story. Just like with the musicians, it always takes your idea somewhere that you didn’t expect.”

You can listen to Chris Shiflett’s new album, ‘Lost at Sea’ below.