Flat Black’s Jason Hook Reveals Corey Taylor’s True Personality

Flat Black’s Jason Hook said Corey Taylor isn’t what people think.

The guitarist recently sat down with Ronni Hunter of the 99.7 The Blitz radio station at the Sonic Temple Festival and talked about how his collaboration with Corey happened:

“I developed a friendship with Corey in 2020. He hit me up, actually. I was working in Los Angeles with his producer, and I think the producer said, ‘I’ve got Jason Hook here. We’re working on some material.’ He said, ‘Oh, give me his number.’ And so all of a sudden we’re texting back and forth. And we hit it off right away.”

Hook Thinks Corey Is Really Sweet

He went on to detail what he thinks about the Slipknot singer:

“He’s just a f*cking fantastic guy. Maybe he doesn’t want anyone to know that, but he’s actually a sweetheart [Laughs]. He’s a really sweet dude. And he was, like, ‘Look, if you’re trying to build something and you don’t have anyone to work with, I’ll write with you.'”

Hook revealed how many songs they wrote together:

“So it was just perfect for the time and the emotions I was going through at the time. He really helped bolster my spirit, like, ‘Yes, let’s do something.’ And we ended up doing five songs together. Four will probably never get heard, but we used ‘Nothing To Some’ on the record.”

How Did Hook Form Flat Black?

Two months ago, Flat Black released a new single called ‘Nothing To Some.’ The band featured Taylor on this track. Their debut album, produced by Hook, will be released later this year via Fearless Records. The album was recorded at Jason’s home studio and The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas. The band also includes singer Wes Horton, bassist Nick Diltz, and drummer Rob Pierce.

In an interview with Jake Daniels of Rock 100.5 The KATT, Hook explained how Flat Black was formed:

“Well, I was pretty hell-bent on starting a new band. Music’s in my blood. It’s a part of my DNA, and I just knew that… I didn’t really care how long it took. It just had to be potent. And so, one [musician] at a time… I found Rob first, and he’s awesome. And then, of course, Nick; he’s from Los Angeles. All my guys are just stellar players. And I wanted to have a good pack of songs. And so here we are.”

Flat Black performed live for the first time on August 24, 2023, at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, California, opening for Godsmack.

Below, you can watch Jason’s interview and listen to ‘Nothing To Some.’