Five Obscene Roger Taylor Facts Only Hardcore Queen Fans Know

As one of the most iconic and beloved bands of all time, Queen has amassed a massive following that spans generations. From the soaring vocals of Freddie Mercury to the virtuosic guitar playing of Brian May, the members of Queen have become unforgettable names in the history of rock music. But there’s one member of the band whose contributions often go overlooked: Roger Taylor.

Queen’s drummer and occasional vocalist, Roger Taylor, may not have the same level of recognition as Mercury or May, but he’s no less important to the band’s legacy. In fact, there are some little-known facts about Taylor that only the most devoted Queen fans are aware of. In this article, we’ll explore five of the most surprising facts about one of rock’s most talented drummers.

5. Roger Taylor Dyed His Hair Green, Then Regretted It

Roger Taylor is a natural blonde, but he tried to lighten his hair a little bit more in 1979. The result was disastrous — the drummer ended up with greenish hair he didn’t ask for. This happened right before a Queen show, so getting his photos taken was inevitable. Although Roger asked everyone around him to destroy them, there are still some remaining photos of the drummer with his hilarious green hair.

4. Roger Had A Habit Of Spitting In The Air While Drumming

Many drummers use small tricks to fascinate the audience — twirling the drumsticks or throwing them in the air and quickly grabbing them before continuing to play their drum solo. However, Roger Taylor had a weird habit that caught some of the fans’ attention. While playing his drums, Taylor would spit in the air and catch it back in his mouth. You can see Taylor doing this in the video above, at 18.56. As nasty as it sounds, some rumors claim that his spit got in Brian May’s hair one time without the guitarist noticing it.

3. He Proposed The Concept For Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’

Appearing on Queen’s 1984 album ‘The Works,’ ‘I Want To Break Free’ is largely known for its music video, and it seems Roger Taylor was the genius behind its concept. In the video, which was a parody of the soap opera Coronation Street, fans have a chance to see all Queen members dressed in drag. Taylor also contributed to the album by writing ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ the successful hit reviving the band’s success in the US in the 1980s.

2. Roger Destroyed His Drum Kit During A Show After A Fit Of Rage

After every one of Queen’s shows, when the band was done playing ‘We Are The Champions,’ Roger Taylor would stand up on his drum stool while playing his drums and would sit back down and end the show. However, at the end of their set at The Rainbow Theater in 1974, he saw that the stool was nowhere to be seen. As it turns out, one of their roadies thought it was on the way and put it aside. As a result, Roger fell over and then destroyed his entire drum kit.

1. Roger Taylor Couldn’t Say Goodbye To Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury had a lot of health issues in his later years, and he was in such a bad condition that he couldn’t even leave his bed. He didn’t even want to take medication at that point to hasten his death. It turns out that Roger Taylor was on his way to visit Freddie at the time of the rock icon’s passing. However, he didn’t make it in time and got a call from Peter Freestone to learn that Freddie had just left the world. So, Roger sadly didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to his longtime friend.