Ex-Metallica Bassist Says He Has ‘One Thing’ James Hetfield And Lars Ulrich Can’t Buy

Original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently posted a tweet in which he revealed the only thing he has but James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich don’t have.

Ron McGovney worked with Metallica as part of the band’s original lineup between October 1981 and 1982. Before joining the band, McGovney worked with James Hetfield in Leather Charm. During his brief career with Metallica, he had clashing opinions with Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine, making him leave the band in 1982.

When Ron McGovney left Metallica, Cliff Burton joined the metal icons to fill in for him. The bassist then quit the music scene and sold most of his equipment. However, he later took the stage with Metallica, Mustaine, and Lloyd Grant in 2011, for the first time in 23 years. As of now, McGovney uses social media to share his Metallica-related stories.

The musician previously saw a video of Metallica on Twitter, where the band was playing their first original song, ‘Hit The Lights.’ He then posted a tweet, arguing Leather Charm was heavier and faster. Recently, McGovney came across a follower’s tweet about the second version of ‘Hit The Lights’ and revealed his thoughts on this version.

The bassist said this version was the first song on the ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’ demo but the last recorded song. He then recalled Hetfield finished its lyrics on the way to the studio. After that, a fan told McGovney he wasn’t aware of Metallica’s future success then. The bassist responded, saying he now has the only thing the rest of the band can’t buy, anonymity.

Ron McGovney’s tweet read:

“This version of ‘Hit The Lights’ is from the ‘No Life Til Leather’ demo. It is the first song on the demo; however, it was the last song recorded. ‘Motorbreath’ was the first song recorded. James was finishing the lyrics in my car on the way to the studio!”

Upon seeing this tweet, one of his followers said the following:

“Only if you had known then what you know now.”

McGovney said:

“And what would that be?”

The fan explained:

“Well, the future success, of course. I know you had your reasons for leaving. You’re a humble guy, and I realize you don’t give a damn either way. Just saying.”

McGovney then responded:

I have one thing that the rest of the band can’t buy: anonymity. I would rather be able to walk in public and not be recognized than build a castle to shield myself from what fame brings.”

You can check out the tweets below.