Ex-Genesis Singer Peter Gabriel Explores The Marriage Of Religion And Violence In New Song

In his Full Moon Club update for May 2023, Peter Gabriel made some statements about his latest release from his new album, touching upon the song’s interesting theme. The ex-Genesis singer sparked interest in what the song explored.

Released on May 5, the single called ‘Four Kinds of Horses’ marked the fifth track from Gabriel’s anticipated album ‘i/o.’ After the piece came out, the artist headed to YouTube to share some background details on it, including its inspiration and subject matter.

The musician explained that the song focused on the complex ‘marriage’ between religion and violence, investigating how these seemingly contrasting elements came together. While developing the song, he found inspiration in Hany Abu-Assad‘s film, ‘Paradise Now,’ following two men on their journey to becoming terrorists.

The singer aimed to explore the psychological process one went through in such scenarios, as portrayed in the movie. However, his approach to the song had a broader context.

While talking about the topic, the vocalist said:

“This song – I think the focus for me is about the interesting marriage of religion and violence and terrorism and how these two unlikely bedfellows sit together or mesh together. So, it’s trying to look at that.

There was a wonderful film by Hany Abu-Assad called ‘Paradise Now,’ which shows these two young men who end up being trained to become terrorists, and it’s just a real insight into where the head goes. So, I think that was part of an inspiration, but it was sort of more general.”

Before this fifth installment, four songs from the forthcoming album were shared with the public, including the title track ‘i/o.’ Fans can look forward to the sixth song‘s release on June 4, adding another piece to the puzzle of Peter Gabriel’s latest project.