Ex-Dream Theater Mike Portnoy Announces The 7th EP Of His Video Series: MP Vinyl

Former Dream Thater drummer Mike Portnoy shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing that he is going to release the seventh episode of his brand new video series on his official Youtube channel named ‘MP Vinyl’ which includes Portnoy’s extensive vinyl collection.

As many of you know, Mike Portnoy has been releasing new videos on his official Youtube channel named ‘MP Vinyl’ since June 4, 2020, in order to provide his fans a walkthrough of his latest vinyl collection which apparently fills a whole room.

The series consists of 8 episodes as Mike Portnoy revealed and he released 6 episodes so far all of which have been viewed by thousands of fans, however, Portnoy stopped releasing new videos since the last episode which was uploaded 3 months ago.

While his fans were getting more and more impatient, Mike Portnoy recently shared a picture on his official Instagram page announcing that he filmed episode 7 tonight and he will be posting the video on his official Youtube page tomorrow.

In addition to the thrilling news, Portnoy also apologized to his fans for keeping them waiting for such a long time period, and his fans already asking for the final episode as it appears in the comments section.

Here is what Portnoy said:

“Sorry, it took so long for those who were asking/waiting…finally filmed #MPVinyl Ep 7 tonight! Coming tomorrow…”

You can click here to see the Instagram post and see the 6th episode of ‘MP Vinyl’ below.