Everything We Know About Bob Dylan’s New Biopic So Far

Bob Dylan’s new biopic, A Complete Unknown, has been on the agenda for a long time now. It looks like the wait is finally nearing an end, with production set to commence in August this summer. However, even though filming begins, it might be a while before the biopic hits the screens.

Timothée Chalamet has been cast to play Bob Dylan in the project. Speaking to Collider about A Complete Unknown, director James Mangold confirmed that Chalamet would be singing as Dylan:

“It’s such an amazing time in American culture and the story of a young, 19-year-old Bob Dylan coming to New York with, like, two dollars in his pocket and becoming a worldwide sensation within three years — first being embraced into the family of folk music in New York and then, of course, kind of outrunning them at a certain point as his star rises so beyond belief. It’s such an interesting true story and about such an interesting moment in the American scene.”

Monica Barbaro has been cast in the biopic as Joan Baez, who had a relationship with Dylan back in the day. The pair had a sudden breakup, but they penned love songs for each other in the subsequent years, such as Dylan’s Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word and Baez’s Diamonds And Rust.

Elle Fanning is also reported to be part of the cast, According to Deadline. She will portray Slyvie Russo, Dylan’s sweetheart in the early 60s, who was an artist.

Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Pete Seeger. The director confirmed the actor’s casting to Deadline at the Cannes Film Festival afterparty.

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