Eric Vanlerberghe Recalls Struggling To Axe Some I Prevail Songs

I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe recently hopped on a chat with Loudwire Nights and detailed his struggle with some of the I Prevail songs.

When the lockdown first hit, Eric and the band quickly adapted to the new reality. He told Loudwire Nights that after just a few weeks of being stuck at home, they decided not to waste the opportunity and to channel their energy into music. Instead of working on a full album, they initially set their sights on creating singles. It was more about ‘keeping their creative muscles flexed’ rather than producing a full-length record.

However, as the weeks turned into months, the band found themselves in a unique creative space. They were crafting songs, revisiting them after a while, and discovering new layers in the process. According to Eric, all of those efforts then started growing together, and this continuous, organic process resulted in an unexpectedly long record. Despite the challenging circumstances brought on by the pandemic, the singer expressed that this unique period of creation was indeed a blessing.

Here is what Eric Vanlerberghe said about the makings of ‘True Power’:

“After a couple of weeks of being at home [near the start of the pandemic], we were like, ‘Let’s not waste this opportunity, and let’s get into the studio and work on some stuff.’ We weren’t trying to dedicate the time to writing a record; we were just trying to write some singles while we had some time — trying to keep that creative muscle flexed. After a couple of months go by, we were all like, yeah, this isn’t going to be any short amount of time.

To be able to work on songs and demo songs and sit on them for two or three months and revisit them later, it had helped us bring out some really creative stuff. When we worked on all these songs together over this long period of time, all these songs kind of grew together, and they formed their own identities, but also, it felt like a cohesive record. Which made the record so long — it was hard to axe some of those songs because all those demos just grew together. It was a blessing mixed in with all this sh*t.

When we look back at the lockdown, it’s easy to focus on the negative side. However, for I Prevail, it seems the forced downtime served as a creative catalyst. The result is their latest studio album, ‘True Power,‘ released last year.