Eric Kretz Opens Up About Stone Temple Pilots’ Future Plans

Stone Temple Pilots’ Eric Kretz recently spoke about his band’s plans for a new album and said that the next album could be the ‘hardest’ or ‘loudest’ record they have ever done.

STP rose to fame as one of the bands that helped shape the grunge music genre in the 1990s. The band was also generally inspired by psychedelic rock, bossa nova, and classic rock, which allowed them to establish their musical style. They released eight studio albums since their formation in 1989.

Their latest album, ‘Perdida,’ was slightly different from their previous seven albums. With the emergence of the global pandemic, the band gave their fans an acoustic album. The band’s drummer Eric Kravitz recently talked about their previous album and stated that even though they usually put one or two songs in the acoustic vibe in their albums, they wanted to this entire album that was softer and less.

He also talked about the next record’s fate in terms of style is unknown. It could be something acoustic and soft like ‘Perdida,’ or it could be the loudest and the hardest record they have ever done. He also said it might also be the mix of too, which is a curious combination for the fans to hear. According to the drummer, everything is possible, and the band is hyped to work on their upcoming album.

Here is what Kretz said:

“On every STP record, we’ve always had one or maybe two songs that had that kind of vibe to it — where it was just softer and kind of acoustic-based. And I think it was, like, ‘Let’s just do a whole album like that — have some fun and do something different.’ And it was amazing and it was a cathartic process to record it because it was a whole different thing… It was really trying to do more with less and trying to make the space be just as important as the notes that you’re hearing. And yeah, we were just about to tour it when Covid hit. It was, like, ‘Oh-oh. Here we go.’

The next record, who knows? It could be the hardest or the loudest record we’ve ever done, or it could be a mix of the two. I don’t know. I’m sure after we get back from [touring] Australia, everyone’s gonna be itching and saying, ‘All right, let’s go. Let’s go make another record again’ in between the shows we have lined up this year here in the States. But no, that was kind of just a one-time thing to see where we’re going, but at the same time, we all really enjoyed a lot of the aspects of it.

So maybe you’ll hear more of a blend of it. I always how Led Zeppelin could mix in — kind of the mixtures of stuff like that and have mandolins in songs right next to ‘Black Dog’ and other fantastically, amazingly good rock songs. It’s all possible, and it’s all coming from us, and it’s all music. So we just try to make it all work.”

While you wait for the new album to drop, you can listen to the title track of ‘Perdida’ below.