Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Shares Her First-Ever Vocal Performance That Proves She Can Carry Eric’s Legacy

The legendary musician, Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth Clapton started to prove that she can be as good as her father. From her new Instagram account, Ruth posted her video while she was covering a classic and showing her talent that she inherited from Eric Clapton.

As you remember, Ruth Clapton shared that she started to take guitar lessons to be able to write her own songs a short time ago. Since then, her followers have been waiting to hear about her new musical projects. She answered her followers saying that she was at a beginner level and people could lower their expectations about her new works.

However, she showed her enthusiasm for a professional musical career with her newest attempt. Recently, she shared a pool from her Instagram stories and wanted to take the opinions of her followers about opening a new account for the musical projects. More than ninety percent of her followers stated that they would follow her new Instagram account which she will share her singing and lyrics.

Later, Ruth announced that she was going to open a new account as soon as possible. A few days ago, she released her new account entitled Ruth Clapton Music. She shared a video while she was singing Eva Cassidy’s ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ from her new Instagram account. As it can be understood from the followers’ positive comments, Ruth proved that she can continue her father, Eric Clapton’s legacy.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Right let’s go! Super nervous to do this but got to get out of my comfort zone and not let imposter syndrome get the better of me any longer! Here is a snippet of me singing ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ by Eva Cassidy.”

You can see the post below.