Eric Clapton Recalls Jimi Hendrix Joining Cream


Eric Clapton spoke in a recent interview with BBC and talked about the time when Jimi Hendrix accidentally joined the Cream.

Cream was founded back in 1966, and Eric was one of the band’s co-founders alongside Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. The band is considered one of the first supergroups in history. In his recent conversation, Eric recalled when he first met Jimi Hendrix.

The band had not gained great recognition yet, and they were playing in small venues. One night, Jimi visited their show at London Polytechnic. After they got up to the stage, Jimi’s manager suggested Cream jam with Hendrix. Even though Eric hesitated a bit at first, he eventually accepted the offer.

While Eric was saying that Jimi blew up everybody’s mind with his performance on the stage, he also pointed out that it was such a privilege to play alongside the guitar icon. He recalled that memory as one of the most remarkable incidents he has ever experienced and said he will never forget that night.

Eric Clapton talked about the time when Jimi Hendrix joined Cream:

“The first time I met Jimi, he came to see Cream play at an early Cream gig when we were playing universities and stuff like that, and the Cambridge May Ball. He came to the London Polytechnic and we were playing there, we got up on stage, and then Chas Chandler came up to us and said, ‘I’ve got this friend who would love to jam.’

And I thought, ‘Well, yeah…’ And it was funny in those days anybody could get up with anybody if you were convincing enough that you could play. And he got up and blew everyone’s mind. And me too, I just thought, ‘Ah, someone that plays the stuff I love, in the flesh, on stage with me.I was actually privileged to be part of something that no one’s ever gonna be, that incident that night is historic in my mind.”

You can check out the interview below.