Eric Carmen Recalls The Lesson He Learnt From The Beatles’ First Emergence


Raspberries’ Eric Carmen recently joined an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock and revealed the life lesson he learned from The Beatles when they had achieved massive fame worldwide.

The Beatles became a turning point in the music scene as they became considered the pioneers of artistic presentation, recording, and songwriting. The band gained such stardom in the ’60s that they reached many people worldwide who embraced their sound. Along with men, there were countless women crazy about the band members.

As the band’s popularity increased with songs like ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘She Loves You,’ even a female fanbase called ‘Beatlemania’ emerged. These women were known for their high-pitched screaming during concerts. They were pushing police barricades to see the members, trying to reach them with screams and tears. Furthermore, some believed that the band members had supernatural healing powers and almost worshipped them.

The four musicians became a source of inspiration for upcoming musicians with their creations and capability to reach a large audience. As Eric Carmen, who had many hits in the ’70s and ’80s, said in a recent interview, The Beatles reaching a predominantly female audience influenced him.

He stated that he was not the girls’ favorite in high school, sharing a memory when a girl he asked to go to school’s dance party rejected him. From that day, he wanted to be like The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Elton John, as he noted. He aimed to create an attraction on females as these names did.

Eric Carmen said the following about The Beatles’ emergence:

“When the Beatles happened and just like Billy Joel and Elton and all the other people my age, we suddenly saw an avenue. Like, wait a minute, girls are screaming at these guys, and they play instruments – and, you know, they probably weren’t the quarterback on the football team. There is an alternative route for getting girls, and now that began the story.”

Carmen released many hit songs such as ‘Go All the Way’ and ‘Let’s Pretend’ in the ’70s and ’80s with Raspberries with the inspirations he took from names like The Beatles and The Who. He was among the pioneers of power pop style in the US and UK with his band. After the disbandment, he focused on his solo career and released the hits like ‘All by Myself’ and ‘She Did It.’