Eddie Vedder Clarifies The Meaning Of His Song Claimed To Be A Tribute To Chris Cornell

During one of his live shows a couple of nights ago, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder shared a heartbreaking story about one of his friends, which caused the fans to speculate whether it was about Chris Cornell or not. Vedder clarified the speculations by telling that the song is about a couple of people that he’s lost.

As you probably know, Eddie Vedder released his third solo studio album, ‘Earthling,’ on February 11, 2022, and he has been currently touring to support his new album. The album’s third single, ‘Brother the Cloud,’ dropped on January 14, 2022. The lyrics of the song reflect the singer’s longing for a lost loved one and his emotional pain while trying to cope with it.

Thus, upon seeing the intense lyrics of the song, many fans started to speculate whether it is about Chris Cornell or not. During his concert on February 6, Eddie Vedder revealed the true story behind the song and said that he wrote it about a couple of people that he’s lost. However, as he stated, it has nothing to do with Cornell, who tragically passed away in 2017.

Eddie Vedder confirmed that this friend he talked about in the song is Jeremy Richman with whom he had a very close relationship. Richman was the father of a girl named Avielle, who was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Richman committed suicide in 2019. Vedder explained that he deeply feels his pain so he never judges his motives but he wishes he could’ve helped him more to pull himself together.

Here is how Eddie Vedder revealed the story behind the song:

“I got a text today from a friend, whom we had a friend in common. That friend in common… actually, I met him because they were both dads — they were both Sandy Hook dads. I met three of them once, and the one that I kind of immediately got closest to, he worked in neuroscience, had a great wife, and a great daughter. Her name was Avielle.

He tried to be positive about it, he’d go around and speak and do some seminars and conferences, etc. We became really close, I reckon, over about three years. We talked in November and he was gonna come to visit in January or maybe early February. The friend that texted me today, he said, ‘It sounds like you’re talking about Jeremy in that song.

Jeremy, in particular, I would never put him in a similar category, and I would never try to question — I wouldn’t dare to question — his motives, because after something as horrific as that happened to you… I wish I could’ve done more to save him. I wish he would’ve known that I was on the other side ever-so-close just days away. I would never judge what he was going through because it must’ve been the worst thing a human could ever go through.”

You can watch the full video from the performance below.