Eddie Van Halen’s Widow Janie Says She’s Happy And Grateful These Days

The late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen‘s widow Janie posted a picture of herself on Instagram in which she is practicing her dancing skills with another professional dancer and explained how starting dancing again made her both happy and grateful.

As you may know, the professional dancer/wrestler, Janie Van Halen, has been dealing with many difficulties for the last couple of months considering many losses in her family. Janie sadly lost her brother, Tom Liszewski, back in June 2020, only a few months before the passing of her beloved husband, Eddie Van Halen on October 6, 2020.

Unfortunately, on November 23, 2020, Janie announced that her mother also passed away nearly two months after Eddie’s death and five months after Tom Liszewski’s death. She has been expressing her feelings during her grieving process on social media by posting pictures of her deceased loved ones. Janie also shares how she is trying to heal herself during these difficult times.

Recently on Instagram, Janie Van Halen posted a picture of herself with her dance partner, the professional dancer Louie Martinez, in which they were practicing at Janie’s house. In the caption of her post, Janie mentioned that she actually turned the laundry room at her house into a new studio and gym so that she can practice dancing and work out at her house. Janie also stated that she feels happy and grateful nowadays since she started dancing and working out again.

Here is what Janie Van Halen wrote in the caption of her post:

“It may be small and humble but welcome to our new studio/gym where we can do laundry and train at the same time 😂 #garageconversion #multipurposespace
happy and grateful to start dancing and working out again

As you may know, following his divorce with actress Valerie Bertinelli, who is also the mother of his son Wolfgang, Eddie Van Halen met the actress and professional dancer Janie Liszewski who later became Van Halen’s publicist. Eddie and Janie got married on June 27, 2009. Valerie Bertinelli and Wolfgang also attended the ceremony that Eddie’s brother Alex Van Halen officiated. The couple had a blissful marriage up until the devastating death of Eddie on October 6, 2020, due to cancer.

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