Eddie Van Halen Was A Bad Guitar Teacher, According To Wolfgang

In an interview with Indulge Express, Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen looked back to the very first time he started playing an instrument with the help of Eddie Van Halen, yet he admits his father wasn’t a great teacher, unlike many people’s expectations.

The late guitar icon Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang has inherited the unique talent of his father in music. While he was only 16 years old, Wolf replaced the band’s bassist Micheal Anthony and joined the recordings of their 12th and last studio album, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth,’ which was released in 2012.

Following his career with Van Halen, Wolfgang has been working on his solo album for a while now. After losing his father almost three months ago, Wolf released the first single titled ‘Distance‘ from his highly-anticipated album to honor his beloved father. Wolf’s release achieved critical acclaim but most importantly touched Van Halen fans deeply with his reference to his father with his lyrics.

Recently in an interview with Indulge Express, Wolf Van Halen opened up about the time he started playing instruments for the first time with the help of his father. The young musician revealed that his father taught him how to play AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ and once he realized Wolf could play it, he got his son a drum kit on his birthday.

Wolfgang also stated that his father wasn’t disappointed that he didn’t pick guitar first since Eddie himself played drums first. However, according to Wolf, his father rarely taught him since he was a bad teacher. Mammoth WVH founder mentioned that it was kind of like Eddie was too smart for his own good.

Here’s what Wolf Van Halen stated about the first song he learned how to play on drums:

“My father – he taught me how to play ‘Highway to Hell,’ AC/DC-type of beat on, like, magazines, and once he realized that I had the separation and I could do it, he got me a drum kit for my birthday.”

Here is what Wolfgang stated about whether Eddie was disappointed that he didn’t pick guitar first:

“No, because he played drums first, so I think he got it. He rarely taught me because he was a bad teacher.

It’s kind of like you’re too smart for your own good kind of thing. So, he would do something crazy and be like, ‘Do that,’ and I’d be like, ‘OK…?’ It’d just be funny.”

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