Lars Ulrich Advises His Sons Myles And Layne Not To Waste Time

Getting started in the music industry is tough enough, so having a father as a mentor to overcome any challenge, especially in the early stages of being part of a band, would be ideal for most up-and-coming artists. Myles and Layne Ulrich of Taipei Houston shared with Rock Sound the advice they have received from their Metallica drummer dad, Lars Ulrich, who has achieved commercial success as a professional musician in the industry.

“Yeah, I think especially early on, he gave some advice. That was cool,” recalled Myles before sharing what their father said regarding starting in the industry as a new band. “You know, we played him a few songs, and there’s not really like one soundbite, in particular; it was more just like stuff about – you know, ‘Don’t waste time doing this or doing that; don’t take ten years to make your music,’ like, ‘Get it out there, show people what you’re doing.’ Do you know what I mean?”

Lars also told his sons, “Just be smart and time-efficient and the kind of stuff like general industry advice – which is always really good to have, I think because the music industry is crazy.” The option to seek advice from a parent who has already experienced all the good and bad things the music industry entails has made the process much less scary for the brothers who started their venture with Taipei Houston, during the pandemic.

Although their dad has given much-needed advice that has guided them, he has also let them explore their careers in the industry to make a name. The brothers are gearing up to release their debut record ‘Once Bit Never Bored’ on November 4, a fusion of alt-rock. They released their first two tracks, ‘The Middle’ and ‘As The Sun Sets,’ to give a taste of what is to come with their debut record.