Ed Sheeran Admits He Got The ‘Yesterday’ Role After Chris Martin And Harry Styles Declined The Offer

British songwriter and singer Ed Sheeran recently joined an interview with BBC 1 Radio and admitted that he was the third choice for the role in the movie ‘Yesterday‘ after Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Harry Styles.

The success of the movies about rock icons has started to inspire iconic bands and rockstars to make their own films. ‘Yesterday’ is actually one of the movies that have been following this movement. The film, which tells the story of an amateur musician who becomes successful in an alternate universe thanks to The Beatles’ songs.

Recently, Ed Sheeran talked about the movie ‘Yesterday’ during an interview on BBC 1 Radio. Sheeran revealed that the director of the ‘Yesterday’ came to him after former One Direction member Harry Styles and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin declined the offer. 

Danny Boyle, the director of the movie, said in a previous interview that Ed Sheeran was constantly teasing the crew because they admittedly had gone for Chris Martin first. However, Boyle claims that they have never made an offer to Harry Styles for the role.

During the recent conversation, Ed stated that Richard Curtis, the screenwriter of the movie, invited him and his wife for dinner and said that he was thinking of Chris Martin for the role. He further mentioned that after Chris Martin declined the offer they asked Harry Styles, but then he refused it too.

Here is what Ed Sheeran said when asked about the movie:

“’Yesterday’ was funny though because Richard Curtis wrote it and he lives in Suffolk and he knows me and my wife very well. And If you look at that movie, the premise is a bloke who gets really, really, really famous around the world, and it’s a bit unbelievable that he got really, really famous around the world…he comes from Suffolk… so there are all these factors in it where I was like, has he sort of written this about me?

And I didn’t wanna ask, I didn’t wanna even think that. And then I got invited round Richard’s house with my wife…Richard’s talking to me about the film and he’s like, ‘We’re thinking of getting Chris Martin as the musical guy in the film,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay but… Suffolk, music… Anyway, they asked Chris Martin, he said no, they asked Harry Styles, he said no and I was the third choice. That is 100% true.

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