Donovan Recalls Bob Dylan’s Confession About Not ‘Writing’ His Songs

Writing a song is like the inner being not letting it go until it’s out of the system. It will not hold back until the songwriter has put everything they have to say in pen. When the lyrics find their way to flow out and the song is writing itself, that is when you know you have hit the jackpot. The writing process is different for everyone, but apparently, Donovan has a similar writing style to Bob Dylan, whose songs are on paper as if they are writing themselves.

“When somebody asks, ‘How do you write a song?’ Simply put, something occurs to me,” began Donovan while explaining his writing process to Variety. “Perhaps a phrase, and you might ask, ‘Could that be a voice from a deeper level that is saying ‘What you’re feeling is now expressed in this phrase.’ When the phrase comes that expresses what I feel, is it being directed by a higher level of us that will now express it, will now express what that phrase actually means in music.”

He continued by comparing his writing style to Dylan’s, “Remember when Bob Dylan was doing some of those rare interviews back in the day, and some guy was waxing on about one of his cool songs, and Dylan says, ‘You think I wrote those songs?’ He’s saying, ‘Look, you don’t know the process. But you think I wrote those songs?’ That throws a spanner in the works of finding a way to describe this, doesn’t it.”

Donovan’s songs always had the same formula, even when he was writing his biggest hits like ‘Sunshine Superman,’ ‘Mellow Yellow’ and ‘There Is a Mountain.’ Although it is hard for most people to wrap their heads around how he and Dylan have that side of them that can tell stories in a specific and unique way, some artists just have that touch that most others are searching for. Listen to these hits if you don’t know the special touch I’m referring to!