Don Felder’s Only Condition To Reunite With Don Henley And Glenn Frey

The complex relationship between Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey hadn’t been much of a secret, as the trio had a quite heated argument on an Eagles show. Things even got physical at one point, and both Henley and Frey made it clear that they didn’t like Felder at all through numerous statements.

Still, it seemed that Felder wasn’t as bitter as Don or Glenn was, as the rocker revealed to Illinois Entertainer in 2013 how he had tried making things up with his former Eagles bandmates, his gut-wrenching wish about Frey, and his only condition to reunite with the band.

So, when the host asked whether time had healed his old wounds, the guitarist said:

“For me, it has, yeah. You know, I had a really cathartic process of sitting down and writing my book. And I’ve come to a great deal of peace about not being in the Eagles anymore. Nothing lasts forever, and I’ve accepted that. I’m very happy with it and happy with what I’m doing with my life right now.”

However, he didn’t think his bandmates weren’t over the feud as much as he was:

“I don’t think from watching ‘History Of The Eagles’ that everyone in the band still feels that way. I was somewhat taken aback by how angry Glenn Frey still is. I don’t think that’s very healthy for him. I wish I could do something to help him get beyond that anger and release that and go on and be happy. It saddens me to see him still so bitter. I wish he wasn’t.”

Then, he gave an example from his divorce, stating how ‘peaceful’ separations could be:

“When I separated with my wife of 29 years, about three months into the process, I called her up and said, ‘Look, this is stupid. We’ve got four children; we’re going to have grandkids together. We have thousands of friends and will see each other at parties and weddings and funerals. Let’s just sit down and figure this out. Here’s a hug, I love you to death, go forward and be happy.'”

He added:

“We still talk all the time on the phone about our kids and grandkids, and she comes to my house on Thanksgiving. She’s madly in love with another guy. I’m madly in love with another woman. Our lives could not be happier, and yet we still have a great connection together because we lived together and shared 29 years of our lives.”

Felder then carried on by stating how he’d wished his separation from the Eagles was as peaceful as his divorce and added his only condition to reunite:

“I wish I could do that [making peace] with those guys in the band, and I’ve tried numerous times to get there with them, but I just don’t think that’s who they are, and that’s not what they want. Unfortunately, until they decide they want to reach out with an olive branch or friendship offer or something, it’s just at a frozen stalemate.”

It’s been almost more than ten years since Don poured these words, but with Frey’s unfortunate passing in 2016, it seems that the guitarist’s wish for the singer was never fulfilled. Things, also, aren’t much better with the remaining Eagles members, as the band still does not want anything to do with Felder, as there haven’t been any reconciles or invites or even a few good words from the band or Henley.