Disturbed’s David Draiman Says People Didn’t Give Robert Smith Enough Credit

Disturbed frontman and also the lead vocalist of the band, David Draiman, talked to Paul Brannigan of Metal Hammer to reveal the eight songs that changed his life and also shared his real thoughts on Robert Smith.

Since he’s not one of the original members of the band, Draiman joined Disturbed in the same year the band was founded. He’s fronting the band for more than 25 years, and he released seven studio albums already. He’s also the founder of the industrial metal band ‘Device‘ which released their self-titled studio album in 2013.

In the conversation he had with Metal Hammer, David was asked to name eight songs that changed his life. While he called many known bands like Sex Pistols, Journey, Misfits, Black Sabbath Depeche Mode, and The Doors, he also mentioned Robert Smith of The Cure.

As David recalls the first time he heard ‘Disintegration’ of The Cure, he stated that people in the music scene don’t give Robert Smith enough credit despite The Cure managed to create their own world through him. Draiman also noted he would like to hear the Disturbed version of The Cure’s ‘Never Enough.’

Draiman shared his thoughts on Robert and The Cure saying:

“The Cure paint such a beautiful musical landscape in this song. This might sound strange, but it’s so beautifully depressing. I love the whole vibe of it, and it kinda puts you in a place where you’re able to come to terms with your emotions. That’s what it did for me at the time when I first heard it as a teenager.

My friends at the time were very into punk and new wave and I discovered The Cure through them. People don’t give Robert Smith enough credit, he’s absolutely brilliant and through him, The Cure created a world of their own. If I was going to do a Disturbed version of a Cure song I might do Never Enough.”

You can listen to ‘Disintegration’ and ‘Never Enough’ of The Cure below.