Disturbed’s David Draiman On Surviving The Divorce With The Help Of Music

David Draiman is no stranger to facing tough times in life, especially now that he is going through a divorce. In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, he opened up about his breakup, revealing that it has been an emotional experience. David also spoke about how music has been a positive force in helping him navigate his personal life.

David Draiman and his wife Lena Yada decided to part ways in 2023 after a ten-year marriage. Despite the heartbreak, Draiman and Yada remain committed to raising their son Samuel and have maintained a peaceful relationship. As they announced their divorce, Draiman urged his fans to show respect and understanding towards his ex-wife, asking for privacy during this difficult time.

The Disturbed singer recently spoke about how the divorce has been incredibly challenging for him, as it affects all aspects of his life. He described the situation as an ongoing struggle, with darkness creeping in now and then. However, he also highlighted the positive role music has played in his life, helping him to stay focused and find balance amidst the chaos.

He said:

“It’s been an upheaval – divorce is not an easy thing to handle. It affects everything, not just my work. It’s been a rough start to the year, so it’s nice to be able to have something positive to focus on and try and get re-centered. But the darkness keeps creeping in once in a while.”

In the end, it’s heartening to see that David Draiman has found peace in his music now more than ever. The fans of Disturbed can only hope that Draiman continues to heal through his music and inspire others to find their own path to healing as well.