Did Lemmy Kilmister Foreshadowed His Passing, Mikkey Dee Weighs In

Motörhead’s Mikkey Dee discussed various topics, including their last studio album’s background, in a recent interview with Metal Pilgrim. In his statements, the musician explained whether Lemmy Kilmister and the rest of the band were aware it would be their last work together.

Motörhead recorded their last album, ‘Greedy Bastards,’ in 2015 while Kilmister was still alive. During the production process, the vocalist was already battling many health issues, and he passed away four months after the album’s release. Following his death, the band dissolved, and people started to wonder whether the vocalist and other members guessed this would be the outcome of their latest work.

In his recent interview, the former Motörhead drummer gave a detailed answer to this question when he was asked whether Lemmy Kilmister foreshadowed his death with one of the tracks from the album. He explained that no one thought ‘Greedy Bastards’ would be their last record and recalled how hard the late musician worked to achieve a good result, given his health condition was not entirely well.

Dee started his answer by stating:

“No, I don’t think so. Nobody thought really that this [was] the last record. I mean, we put in so much energy to this album, and obviously, Lemmy didn’t feel %100 all the time, you know? So, he had to work really, really hard. If me and Phil put in %120, Lemmy had to put in %250 to even get there, but he did an amazing job. I wouldn’t call it a job; he did an amazing… He played great. He sang great. He was in the studio every second. He wouldn’t miss anything.”

Then, the drummer disclosed that they suspected the album would be their last effort as a band, although he couldn’t tell what Kilmister exactly thought. According to Mikkey Dee, the vocalist’s worsening health reflected on his demeanor, hinting at ‘the beginning of the end.’

He elaborated as follows:

“I can’t speak for Lemmy, what he was thinking at the time, but I had a feeling that it [would] definitely be one of the last records, maybe. Because we could see the beginning of the end, maybe a little bit, you know. Because Lemmy was struggling. There was no secret about that.”

Motörhead’s former drummer was unsure what was going through Lemmy Kilmister’s mind, but the rest of the members felt the band’s final moments approaching when they saw the late vocalist struggling. Still, they hoped for the best and put much effort into their last album.