Did Janis Joplin Die Broke?


Most of us know singer and songwriter Janis Joplin as one of her era’s most praised and triumphant rock vocalists. She is widely renowned for her distinctive mezzo-soprano vocals on stage. She rose to prominence in the ’60s with her psychedelic rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Even though she reached fame a little later, once she gained recognition, she became one of the most well-known and influential stars of the music industry’s ’60s rock and soul scenes. In addition, she was praised for her free spirit and activism in her lyrics.

Everything was looking up for Joplin as she was getting into the swing of the music industry. Unfortunately, she passed away in her hotel room in October 1970 when she was just 27. Since she left the world at such a young age, there are lesser known but surprising facts about her life. One of them is that she was very diligent with her money since she had experienced sever financial difficulties.

Was Janis Joplin Poor?


When Janis Joplin left Texas to pursue a music career, nobody thought that her time on earth would be so limited. She was known to dabble in drugs and alcohol during her career. Some even preferred to use her nickname ‘speed freak.’ After years of using heavy drugs and alcohol, she got clean in 1965 with the help of her friends and moved to Texas to live with her family.

However, moving back to Texas wasn’t the cure she needed; Joplin was found dead in her room due to a drug overdose at 27. Although she was an addict, Joplin’s thoroughness with her money paid off. After Joplin had tragically passed, her attorney informed her sister that she had her finances in order.

The young rockstar had all of the paperwork to show for it. Her attorney even said that Janis Joplin had saved money. Laura Joplin stated that her sister was very cautious with her money because she knew from first-hand experience how it was like to live without it. She added that Janis Joplin had more money than she could have spent in a lifetime.

When Laura Joplin was asked about Janis Joplin’s financial situation, the mourning sister responded with:

“No. One of the things her attorney remarked on, almost with tears in his eyes, is because it’s not what you think of as Janis. Still, when he was going through her papers and getting her estate in order, Janis had every checkbook with every check reconciled with every statement. Everything was perfectly in order.

She was cautious with her money and saved money. She knew what it was like not to have money, so she dealt reasonably prudently with it. And like she says in her letters, she was earning more than she could ever spend.”

Unfortunately, the young Hall of Famer became a member of the 27 club. Some of the musicians we love and cherish, including Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, have passed away at age 27. Although the music business might seem glorious from the outside, the reality is that it’s a harsh industry to be a part of most of the time.