Dennis DeYoung On Why He Was Really Kicked Out Of Styx

Former member of Styx, Dennis DeYoung, revealed the real reason why he was kicked out of the band.

DeYoung, who played and performed with Styx until 1999, was interviewed by Rock History Music a year ago. A snippet from the interview was released recently, about the reason for Styx’s departure. He said:

“I got kicked out of the band because, ‘Babe’ went number one on the album before because I kinda fooled with the style a little bit. And then the record company thought, the first time, it was gonna be another number one record for us. They wanted to release it, and then Tommy threatened to quit the band if it was released. He threatens a lot on that.”

He shortened his reason for quitting and told:

“And then it was a big brouhaha between all of us. I ended up getting kicked out because I couldn’t take any more, you know. You write a number one song, have a People’s Choice Award for it, you’re the band of the year and you should be somehow.”

After he was forced to quit the band, DeYoung came back sometime later, with the band having changed a few things. He explained:

“So anyway, I came back to the band and I had to follow certain guidelines. This is true. They wanted a tour more, well, we toured. We didn’t tour as much on ’79 because my wife was pregnant, okay?”

Styx still managed to perform and do shows with DeYoung but the band still had problems. He continued:

“So I said ‘I’ll do these 90 to 100 shows but I need time off for the baby to be born.’ Going to leave, my son was born with complications at birth, when at the same time Tommy was threatening to quit the band over a song the Record Company wanted to release.”

The rocker then described his opinion on his favourite Styx show and explained why:

“So I come back and what do I do I come up with the concept for the ‘Paradise Theatre’ album and the tour and the janitor. And the first song we released is ‘The Best Of Times’, which is a ballad. It goes to number three. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself but you know, ‘Paradise Theatre’ was never a better Styx show than that never. It will be, it’s in your memory as one of the best concerts you ever saw because it was just enough ‘Theatre’. And then those guys could play those songs, and they could do them live, and then they find it, that’s it.”

In another video of the same interview which was released last year, DeYoung was asked if he would rejoin Styx, to which he replied with:

“My bags are packed, they have been packed for the last 20 years. […] I was told that Tommy said no. And my thing has been this, I don’t wanna be back in the band, Johnny. I don’t wanna be back in the band, I wanna do one last tour for the fans.”

See the latest video from the interview down below.