Def Leppard’s Rick Allen Says He Almost Lost His Right Arm As Well

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen talked about the day when he lost his left arm during a recent interview with ABC News and he admitted that he nearly lost his other arm as well during the accident.

Back in 1984, Rick Allen tried to pass by a car on the highway, but he lost control while doing so. Therefore, he hit the stone wall at a high speed, and his left arm ripped off during the crash.

Even though the doctors reattached his arm, they had to amputate it due to infection. However, Rick never let his dreams go away even after this incident, and he continued playing drums with one arm.

Two years after the crash, Allen managed to go back to the stage with Def Leppard by using specially designed drums for his condition. Rick was appreciated by the whole world for his determination. Since then, he has been playing the drums for the band.

In a recent conversation with ABC, the veteran drummer revealed that he almost lost his right arm as well during the crash. During the interview, Allen displayed one of his paintings which included his handprint. Rick stated that the painting of his right hand reminds him of everything that he puts this poor old hand through on a daily basis.

Rick Allen talked about his right arm:

“I nearly lost this one as well. So, for me, it’s just a reminder of everything that I went through and everything that I put this poor old hand through on a daily basis.”

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