Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott On Investing In Sports, ‘I’m Not A Big Enough Fish’

Joe Elliott recently shared why he would never consider investing in sports despite being an avid soccer fan while chatting with Metro magazine.

The singer has bits of advice for you if you’re looking to take your chance in sports, and even if you have no interest in investing anything, you can still get a few financial lessons from Joe. After all, he’s made his fair share of bucks by selling millions of records with Def Leppard and knows in and out of sports.

So, while he was discussing recently being seen together with Wrexham AFC owners Ryan Reynolds (not the actor) and Rob McElhenney, the host asked Elliott whether he considered taking his chances in owning a team; the rocker firmly denied any possible investment plans and started explaining what lied beneath his decision.

Def Leppard singer discussed how owning or having shares in a sports team could be beneficiary or even fun for your usual billionaire, but he wouldn’t want to hurt his bank balance by making the wrong decision or investing at the wrong time. He then recalled the only time he ‘invested’ in a soccer team was by buying Sheffield United a scratching table when they couldn’t afford it, but that was it.

Elliott’s words on whether he would invest in sports:

“Absolutely not. If you’re a trillionaire or a billionaire, which I’m not by a long way, you can do it. They kind of hung the carrot in front of me when Dave Bassett was manager around ’89. It was talked about in the corridors when I was at a game, but it never really got any further than that.

The closest I got to adding to their coffers is spending three grand on a stretching table that got Brian Deane [former Sheffield United striker] back on the pitch six weeks sooner. They couldn’t afford to buy it, so I did, and I think they named a room after me for a couple of seasons. But no, not now.

I’m not a big enough fish. There’s nothing I could give them that wouldn’t ruin my life. There’s nothing I could give them that wouldn’t ruin my life. It would be a drop in the ocean.”

So, the rocker advised that one had to be a ‘big enough fish’ to buy or invest in a sports team, as it could hurt any average millionaire’s bank balance really soon. So, the best he could do for now was to enjoy the sports as a fan and maybe, start a fantasy league.