Dee Snider Stands Up Against Manipulation, ‘I Guess I’m Still Not Gonna Take It’

Dee Snider recently tweeted how a documentary changed his perspective toward social platforms, why we needed to stand together, and used the iconic lines of a Twisted Sister hit to prove how he still was ‘not going to take it.’

We use social media excessively throughout our days, so much so that it has become second nature for us to check our phones every few minutes to make sure we’re not missing out on anything. This excessive usage also made it easier for the algorithms to, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, spy on us and learn all about our likes, dislikes, and basically every detail about our personal lives.

So, Snider recommended his audience to check out the documentary, ‘Social Dilemma,’ to see how social platforms and tech companies spy into our lives with ease. The vocalist then noted how we needed to stand together to stop all the prying eyes lurking in our lives through social platforms. He finished his words by quoting, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ and saying that he wouldn’t have any of this manipulation anymore.

Snider’s tweet about social platforms and tech companies’ manipulations on societies:

“Watch the documentary ‘Social Dilemma’ immediately! I just did and my relationship with the internet and social media has been changed forever! We are being manipulated and horribly used by the tech giants and it needs to stop. We can stop it. I guess I’m still not gonna take it.”

Dee’s usage of the Twister Sister hit, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ was a clever wordplay as it’s clear that the single has aged well. The documentary helped Snider face some brutal truths about social platforms and their manipulations, and the singer wished his audience to check it out.