Dee Snider Shares Updates About His Health Status After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider posted a couple of new tweets on Twitter and shared his latest health status after revealing that he had coronavirus after his trip to Disneyland with his wife and daughter.

Two days ago, Twisted Sister star made a public statement on his official social media account to announce that he’s COVID-19 positive despite he was fully vaccinated. Dee stated that his symptoms were minor and they were all gone in just three days.

After Dee asked his followers to get vaccinated as soon as possible, one of the Twitter users claimed that since he contracted COVID after getting the vaccine, it makes no sense to get vaccinated.

Twisted Sister frontman responded to his follower’s tweet by saying being vaccinated was the reason for getting over it completely in just three days, and he had to go to neither doctors nor hospital. Snider also added that he does not want to waste his breath for those who do not believe in coronavirus or getting vaccinated.

Here is how Dee responded after his follower suggested him drinking plenty of fluids:

“I only had minor COVID symptoms and got over it completely in three days. I’m just waiting out my quarantine out of respect for others (what a concept!) Get the damn vaccine!”

Later on, he responded to his anti-vaccine follower:

Three-day minor infection, no doctors, no hospitals, no death. That’s why. But you don’t believe any of that exists, right?

Why am I wasting my breath?

Hope you don’t get sick and die.

You can check out the tweets below.