Dee Snider Says The ‘Rock Music Is Dead Claim’ Was Initiated By Old Dogs Of Rock As The New Generation Still Believes In The Genre


Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page involving the ‘rock is dead’ controversy after a fan shared a post stating that rock is actually dead since it’s nowhere to be found on the radio and Billboard Magazine and apparently, Snider couldn’t disagree more in addition to revealing the reason why this claim keeps popping up.

As many of you know, the ‘rock is dead’ claim has been around for years now due to the fact that the popular genre around the world has changed over the years and evolved into other genres than rock and metal. Some musicians and fans find it right to consider rock as dead because of this while some find it quite wrong to make such a statement since rock cannot die as long as fans live.

The most famous interview about the notorious controversy is KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ since he stated that rock, soul, and blues are all dead now that they are replaced by other genres during an interview with Esquire back in 2014.

Recently, a fan shared a post on Twitter supporting the ‘rock is dead’ claim since rock is nowhere to be found, neither on the radio nor on Billboard Magazine which is great proof according to that fan, however, Twisted Sister frontman wasn’t feeling the same way as he shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that the fan is wrong and missing out great musicians meanwhile.

Here is what the fan said:

“Dee Snider, read billboard magazine rock is dead. listen to the radio rock is dead”

Here is what Snider said:

You are so sadly wrong and missing out on some amazing music and talented people.”

Since the topic is extremely famous, another fan also shared a post stating that the younger generation must understand the fact that rock music will never die. After seeing his fan’s statement, Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page stating that it’s not the young generation, it’s the older generation to blame.

Here is what the fan said:

“When is the younger gen gonna realize…ROCK WILL NEVERRRR DIE!”

Her is what Twisted Sister frontman said:

“It ain’t the younger gen saying it… it’s the old dogs.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.