Dee Snider Says ‘I Am Fighting For My Country’ To A Fan Who Complains About His Political Tweets

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider responded to a fan criticizing him for sharing his opinions about politics on social media instead of working on his music and stated that he is capable of doing multiple things at the same time including working on his new album and fighting for the best interest of his country.

As you may known, Twisted Sister’s lead singer Dee Snider has been using his social media accounts to express his opinions on social and political matters. Dee also responds to the messages he receives from his devoted fans asking questions about his music career and personal life.

Although many of his fans and followers appreciate the fact that Dee Snider is paying attention to the social and political incidents, he sometimes receives criticism about his stance on certain issues, such as the statements and recent acts of Donald Trump.

Recently on Twitter, a fan shared a tweet addressed to both Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach and claimed that the two rock stars are more interested in politics than any other musicians he has followed on social media. The fan suggested Dee and Sebastian to ‘let it go and move on’ instead of ‘complain, insult, and instigate.’

Here’s what Snider’s follower wrote in his tweet:

Of all the rock stars I follow why are you and Sebastian Bach the only 2 who constantly talk about politics? Let it go and move on to positive constructive topics rather than complain insult and instigate…

In his response, Snider stated that he is capable of multitasking referring to the fan’s suggestion to focus on his music. Dee mentioned that he is actually working on his new album, a movie script, taking care of his business and fighting for the best interest of his country at the same time. Additionally, the Twisted Sister icon credited Donald Trump and his ‘Magats handbook’ about his alleged approach to the political matters by complaining, insulting, and instigating.

Here is how Dee Snider responded to the tweet of his fan:

“Don’t worry Gio! I can do it al. Working on my new album, a movie script, taking care of my business interests and fighting for our country! As far as ‘complain, insult and instigate’ goes…I’m just following the Magats handbook written by Trump!”

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his Twitter account below.