Dee Snider Reveals ‘One Ability’ Steven Tyler Doesn’t Have As A Frontman

Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider revealed that there are some important key elements of being a remarkable frontman. He also explained the reason why Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler can’t be one of the greatest frontmen who had all three abilities on his Twitter account.

As you may remember, this ongoing argument about the best frontman started when Snider’s bandmate, Twisted Sister guitarist, Jay Jay French defined him as one of the best frontmen of all time. Then, followers made some comparisons by listing their favorite ones. The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, Queen’s Freddie Mercury, and KISS’ Gene Simmons. However, Snider made his final decision about that issue.

Snider revealed that apart from himself, James Brown was the best frontman of all time after he had watched his documentary. Later, one of his followers wrote the difference between frontman and lead singer. According to him, a frontman must be a dominant figure on the stage. Snider replied to this comment saying that a frontman must engage with the audience and make them feel like they are on the stage too.

According to Snider, there are singers, entertainers, and frontmen and all in one is a rare ability. Then, another follower claimed that Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler is a singer, entertainer, and frontman at the same time. Dee Snider didn’t agree with his follower. He stated that Steven Tyler is a great singer and frontman but he isn’t an entertainer because an entertainer must have a choreography on his Twitter account.

Here’s what he wrote first:

“I always get in trouble with this. To me: There are singers, entertainers & frontmen. They’re rarely all in one. A frontman should be a performer and engage the audience verbally. Communicate with them and bring them in via his stage banter. And not say the same thing every night!”

A fan responded to him:

“I do think Steven Tyler has the whole package of singer, entertainer, and frontman. The guy’s insane to watch to this day!”

Dee responded and revealed the reason why thinks Steven Tyler is not an entertainer on the stage by saying:

“Again, to me, the entertainers are choreographed which Tyler never is. Amazing singer and frontman!”

You can see the tweets below.