Dee Snider Recalls The Last Show With His ‘Hero’ Alice Cooper And Explains Why He Changed His Decision To Retire

During a recent appearance on Q104.3 New York, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider talked about the concert he had with Alice Cooper and his retirement decisions.

In the conversation, Dee pointed out that even though he listened to lots of musicians like Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin, and more, they couldn’t be able to connect with him. However, Alice Cooper was the first one who spoke his language.

While showing his respect to the legendary singer by saying that Alice was his hero, Dee also revealed the last concert he played before his retirement decision.

Dee mentioned that he told Alice when they were going back to the stage that he is going to retire and this is his last show, Alice brought him back to life by playing the ‘You Are Not Gonna Take It’ song.

Furthermore, Dee also revealed that the COVID situation forced him to stand back and made him retire even if he wanted to play, and this is also the second reason why he wanted to play again because he was such a stubborn musician.

Here is what Dee Snider said:

“The last show that I did in 2019 was with Alice Cooper in Switzerland, and I told Alice, ‘Tonight’s my last night and I’m not announcing it but I’m done.’ And so he said, ‘Well, then it’s, ‘School’s out for you, so come on out and sing ‘School’s Out’ with me tonight.’

And I brought all my family to Switzerland, they’re all in the audience, there’s this huge festival, like, 50,000 people, and here I am with my hero on stage singing School’s out, and then he did surprise me, he breaks into ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It.

So my hero’s thinking, ‘We’re not gonna take it,’ and then I’m going this, ‘You know what? What a beautiful send-off! I am done!’ And then Covid told me I can’t do it anymore and I said, ‘OK, you can’t tell me! You’re not the boss of me, Covid! I’m coming back!’”

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