Dee Snider On ‘Owing Everything’ To Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s safe to say that Dee Snider loves to interact with fans and answer any questions they might have about Twisted Sister’s music. More recently, Snider responded to a fan who wondered about the inspiration behind a particular song and disclosed how Arnold Schwarzenegger helped him write it.

Snider was asked about his source of motivation while writing and composing ‘Stay Hungry,’ by a fan who mentioned their love and admiration for the song. The frontman recalled that the inspiration for the song was Arnold Schwarzenegger and specifically named his book, ‘Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder.’

“That song and the entire ‘Stay Hungry’ album were inspired by a book I read called ‘Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder’ by Schwarzenegger,” tweeted Snider. “I had been struggling for years to make it, and his ‘stay hungry’ philosophy lifted me up and drove me on. I owe him for everything. He knows it.”

While writing a track, songwriters might derive inspiration from anything, from their bandmates and personal journeys to books. In the frontman’s case, he was influenced by the philosophy of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which encouraged staying hungry and fasting. The actor’s motivation inspired the song and album’s name.

Dee Snider emphasized that he owed everything to Arnold and appreciated his help on the record through his inspiring book and philosophy. The personal journey the Twisted Sister frontman had with reading Schwarzenegger’s book helped him deal with struggles and deeply encouraged him.