David Wigg Shares The Truth Behind Freddie Mercury’s Banned Photo


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s long-term friend David Wigg recently spoke in a new episode of BBC’s A Life in Ten Pictures and revealed the back story behind the singer’s banned photo from a party.

Besides his impressive voice and dazzling stage performances, Freddie Mercury was also known for his opulent and restless lifestyle. In particular, his wild and extravagant parties were highly popular. The late singer launched many notable parties to which he invited numerous people. They would take place in elaborately decorated exotic locations, where Mercury encouraged all the guests to behave outrageously.

Another one of his well-known parties occurred in Munich, Germany, in 1985. The Black and White Ball was planned to celebrate his 39th birthday, and guests were asked to follow the dress code. When David Wigg was shown a photo of him and Freddie taken during that party, he was shocked since he claimed it had been banned from the internet.

The journalist stated that they stayed at the Hilton Hotel before the party and were taken to the place in carriages. Wigg described everything as striking from the beginning to the end. It was a wild party in which everyone grabbed the people even if they’d never met. He said there were a lot of things going on. Then, Wigg also revealed that Mercury liked birthday parties so much, probably because he never had birthday parties during his childhood.

David Wigg’s reaction when shown a private photo from the party:

“How did you get hold of this? This has been banned from the internet! We were flown over from Heathrow, and he put us in the Hilton Hotel, which was very nice and very generous. And it was so amazing, he had carriages, horse-drawn carriages outside for us to ride through the cobbled streets of Munich to the party. It was like something from Caberet, the whole party because it went wild.

People were out of their heads, there was everything there, whatever they wanted. People were grabbing people, you know they had never met before, a lot of naughtiness was going on, of course, I would put it that way, a lot of naughtiness going on definitely. He loved to party, he loved parties. He had a party for every birthday, and I think this goes back to his childhood because he never had birthday parties as a child in India.”

Then, Wigg also reflected on why the late singer would always throw such flamboyant parties. He explained that Freddie rarely saw his parents on holidays. So, he would want to have his friends around to compensate for his loneliness, entertain other people, and give them a day to remember.