David Lee Roth’s Wish About Jon Bon Jovi

David Lee Roth is a one-of-a-kind persona in the music scene with his antics, never-ending energy, and wild stage shows. Throughout his music career, Roth was always in pursuit of expressing his feelings, humor, personality, and what his heart desired in his musical efforts. So, he wasn’t scared of trying new things and showing off his individuality in full potential.

Like Diamond Dave, Jon Bon Jovi is another iconic frontman known for his musical talent, charisma, energy, and everlasting positive vibe. Both artists have been actively making music for over four decades and have contributed significantly to the scene with their work. However, it appears Roth still had something he wished for Bon Jovi.

What Did David Lee Roth Hope About Jon Bon Jovi?

In 2013, David Lee Roth joined an interview with Rolling Stone after moving to Tokyo. At some point during the conversation, Rolling Stone’s Steve Baltin asked Roth what he wanted to do individually in the scene. In his response, the musician recalled giving an interview to a Tokyo magazine.

According to DLR, he told the foreign magazine that he wished Bon Jovi would have called him before recording his hits. The singer believed this would make Jovi’s hits smarter with smashing melodies. However, Roth argued this would also cause Bon Jovi to sell fewer records.

Moreover, the Van Halen frontman stated he has a fighting spirit because the music industry constantly witnesses a war between factions. Saying that he was a fan of this environment, Roth admitted he liked conflict and was eager to go after all these wars.

Here is what David Lee Roth told Rolling Stones in 2013:

“I brought up something in an interview with one of the magazines here in Tokyo. I said, ‘I wish Bon Jovi would’ve given me a call before he recorded all of his hits because the lyrics would’ve been smarter, the melodies would’ve been much more smashing, and they would’ve sold a lot fewer records.’

Fighting spirit, Steve-san. It’s a goddamn war every day in the music business in one faction or another. I have a taste for that. I like conflict, and I can admit that now. ‘Come on, let’s get after this. Where’s the next war, guys?‘”

While David Lee Roth’s remarks can be understood as a criticism of Jovi’s music as he believed he would make Jovi’s hits smarter, it can also be said that Roth wanted a competitive environment because he liked conflict, wars, and rivalry.