David Lee Roth Likens Humanity To ‘Smokin’ Joe’ Fighting Against COVID-19 In His Latest Artwork

Van Halen’s legendary frontman David Lee Roth shared a new piece from his well-known illustration series and once again achieved to draw attention to an ongoing crisis, in this case, the coronavirus pandemic, by creating a scene that humanity is fighting with the disease just like Smokin’ Joe.

As you may know, along with his praiseworthy music career, David Lee Roth has been working on his artworks which he uses as a tool to criticize the social and political issues happening around the world. The multitalented musician often displays the new pieces of his illustrations to his fans via his Twitter account which portray different stories from his imagination.

Recently, Roth posted a brand new impressive drawing of his to attract attention to an ongoing worldwide crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic. As you can see in the picture below, David portrayed two characters, one of which most probably represents the virus itself, and the other might be considered as the whole of humanity struggling to beat the disease. However, the fans had some different opinions about which character represents who, considering one of them is quite huge and strong and the other seems he has just taken a big hit.

While the fans have been arguing about the possible hidden meanings within David’s latest artwork, the Van Halen icon has taken things a little further with his remarks written in the illustration. Titled as ‘The Daily Catastrophe,’ Roth’s drawing had a newspaper-like design which had a headline saying ‘Smokin’ Joe! Down Goes Covid.’

David Lee Roth’s remarks might be considered to be referring to the legendary professional boxer, Joe Fraizer, known as ‘Smoking Joe,’ who was actually the first boxer who beat Muhammed Ali. Back in 2011, Fraizer sadly passed away due to complications from liver cancer. In accordance with his remarks, it can be considered that David likened humanity to Smokin’ Joe, who is fighting against the coronavirus.

Yet, it is still not clear whether Roth illustrated Smokin’ Joe as the big strong guy or the weak one who has just taken a hit. In the comment section of David’s post, some of his fans resembled Covid-19 to the giant man who seemed like he has thrown a left punch to the other guy, who in this case, represents humanity failing their fight against the virus. On the other hand, some fans considered the powerful man is actually the humanity who found the vaccines and managed to defeat the virus.

Here is what David Lee Roth wrote in his latest illustration:

“The Daily Catastrophe

‘Laugh to Win’


Smokin’ Joe!

Down Goes Covid..

You can see the tweet David Lee Roth posted on his Twitter account below.