David Lee Roth Is Closing The Company He Spent $7 Million To Form


David Lee Roth released a statement on his company’s official website called ‘INK the original.’ Apparently, his skincare brand initiative is closing four years after its launch.

In 2018, David Lee Roth launched his skincare brand named ‘INK the original’ that produced organic and cruelty-free skincare products specially made for those who have tattoos on their bodies. His initiative was meant to help those who have tattoos on their bodies to stay as bright as they the first day. Being a rockstar whose body is covered with images, DLR felt connected to those with tattoos and wanted a brand related to the issue.

When he first took the initiative, he had stated that they were only three people in their crew, and that number later became 34 people with offices in both N.Y.C. and L.A. In addition to their spiritual dedication to the company, Diamond Dave spent $7 million to develop the brand, and he was personally involved in every process.

Here is what he had stated in 2018 to Vogue about INK the original:

“I started this project with three of us sitting around an upended plastic bucket for a table at my house in L.A. Now, there are 34 of us, and we have offices in New York as well as L.A. It’s taken three years and close to $7 million, and I’m involved in every single element of every part of it.

Surprisingly, there’s almost no competition. And what we have built is absolutely specialized to our community. My business partner, Ami James, is the curator and one of the three owners of Tattoodo, which has more than 500,000 artists curated on their site. They get 2 billion views a month and have 20 million social media followers.”

Having almost no competition in the sector helped the brand develop and produce for four years. However, David Lee Roth’s company recently announced their closing via a statement on their official website. The formation of the brand was a delightful moment for Roth, and it seems like the ending was as emotional.

He recently announced the closing on their website by stating:

“First, our favorite restaurant, the corner bookstore, now us… What a long great trip it’s been…

DLR got his first tattoo over 40 years ago, and after he turned 60, he got a 300-hour process tattoo that covers most of his body. His approach towards art is exceptional, and he believes that tattoos bring people all over the world together because it’s a language everyone can understand. Unfortunately, DLR or the brand did not specify why they were shutting down.