David Ellefson Says Ghost Made The Keytar Famous Again

Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson argued that Ghost brought back the popularity of keyboards and keytars in rock music.

In a recent interview with WRIF’s Meltdown, Ellefson recalled a conversation with the former Megadeth guitarist and his Kings of Thrash bandmate Jeff Young. During this conversation, he realized the resemblance between Ghost and Blue Öyster Cult. He said:

“Jeff Young said it best — I was talking one day, and he goes, ‘Dude, they sound like Blue Öyster Cult,’ and I went, Man, that’s it. If you’re talking to someone our age, [asking] what does this new band Ghost sound like, [they’ll tell you that] they’ve got this kind of Blue Öyster Cult, vocal sound. It’s not this really heavy rough death metal screamo kind of thing. Blue Öyster Cult had a very calming, soothing sound, as well as these awesome harmonies.”

Furthermore, Ellefson acknowledges that Ghost dispelled any doubts he had about the inclusion of keyboards in rock music. Sharing how Ghost ‘opened’ his ears to keyboards, he continued:

“When I hear the Ghost stuff, it’s kind of ‘Dream Weaver’ [by] Gary Wright kind of stuff. It’s maybe a little Deep Purple, maybe a little Angel. But it’s also got this kind of ’70s [sound] like The Cars… Maybe Ghost kind of opened my ears to [the keyboards] because I hear it now in a way that I think is very clever and cool. And look, they made the keytar famous again.”

Ghost’s Inclusion To The Metal Community

Ghost has faced criticism, often due to their appearance, being labeled as satanic, and the misconception among non-Ghost listeners that they make heavier music than their actual style. Despite opening for bands such as Iron Maiden and even winning a Grammy for Best Metal Performance, the criticism has persisted.

The band has encountered constant backlash for its perceived place in the metal industry, with some questioning whether they truly fit the genre.

Well, whether they fit or not, it’s evident that they did bring the popularity of keytar back, considering the fact that their album ‘Impera’ hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart for the week ending March 17, 2022, with 62,500 copies sold in the U.S., and over 500,000 sales in total.

You can watch the interview below.