David Crosby Says The Musicians That Postpone Tours To 2022 Are Making The ‘Smart Choice’


CSNY icon David Crosby posted a tweet to express his ideas about the musicians who rescheduled their tours to 2022 due to the global pandemic after James Taylor announced that he has postponed his tour dates.

As you may know, many bands and musicians were supposed to start or continue their tours in 2020, but they had to postpone their shows to further dates because of the coronavirus outbreak and government regulations. Their fans, who were looking forward to watching them live, were very disappointed and sad about not being able to attend the concerts.

On the other hand, the musicians and their fans hoped they would go back to their everyday lives in 2021, but unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case.  Even though some bands such as The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, and KISS went back to the stage, they also had to follow many rules to prevent COVID-19 cases.

Therefore, other bands and musicians like Mötley Crüe and James Taylor decided to perform their concerts in 2022 to sing like the good old days without the suffocating atmosphere that COVID-19 has created. With his recent tweet, David Crosby revealed that he agrees with them and noted that the ‘smart choice’ would be to postpone all concerts to 2022.

Here’s what James Taylor wrote in his tweet:

“James is disappointed to announce today that his upcoming European tour, previously set to begin in January 2022, has been postponed due to concerns about COVID-19. Rescheduled dates will be announced as quickly as possible.”

Crosby responded:

Smart choice James.

You can see the tweets below.

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