David Crosby Says Jason Isbell Is The Best Young Writer In Country Music Right Now

In a tweet he posted on his Twitter account, the founding member of The Byrds and CSNY David Crosby mentioned his thoughts on fellow musician Jason Isbell and praised his songwriting skills by calling him the best one in country music at the moment.

Last year, Crosby and Isbell worked together on Isbell’s seventh studio album, ‘Reunions.’ Also in 2018, they teamed up on Newport Folk Festival and later released a live single from the show. David also worked with Jason and his band 400 Unit for Neil Young‘s classic ‘Ohio’ and the song ‘Wooden Ships.’ 400 Unit and Crosby also collaborated for Colorado’s famous Red Rocks Show in 2019.

Further to that, Jason Isbell admits his admiration for Crosby every time possible. Recalling the time they worked in the studio together, he called it a dream come true as he felt like he was playing guitar with Jimmy Page. He then praised Crosby’s voice by saying it is really powerful still, adding that he learned how to sing harmony while listening to David.

While Isbell was joking around on Twitter, he tweeted that you have to first sing your song to your friend who smokes the most weed. A Twitter user replied to Isbell’s thought that he feels like David Crosby should be involved somehow regarding this matter. Isbell responded to this by saying if Crosby is that friend, he will get so high and tell you your songs suck.

Later, David saw the conversation and added that he told Jason that his songs definitely do not suck. After that, Crosby replied to a comment on this tweet saying that he is quite sure about his claims as Isbell’s writing has pulled him the first place especially in his song ‘If We Were Vampires.’ He ended his tweet while saying he thinks Isbell is the best young writer in country music right now.

Crosby’s tweet read:

“Quite sure… Isbell’s writing is what pulled me in the first place… Specifically, If We Were Vampires… I think he’s the best young writer in country music right now.

You can see the tweet below.