David Crosby Compares Bob Dylan To Neil Young

CSNY icon David Crosby recently responded to a tweet asking him to compare Bob Dylan to his former bandmate Neil Young and discussed their strongest skills.

Bob Dylan and Neil Young are two significant artists who have left their mark on the music scene with their timeless classics. Besides being great songwriters and musicians, the pair have also built an intimate friendship since they realized they had so much in common. Young and Dylan have shared the same stage many times, performed duets, and covered one another’s songs.

Two of the finest artists didn’t hesitate to praise each other with kind remarks in some past interviews. As the two legends of the industry who started their musical journey back in the 1960s, Dylan and Young have been subject to many comparisons over the years. A Twitter user also joined these discussions and asked David Crosby which one was better.

Crosby initially responded by saying that they were both excellent artists, but he still compared their distinctive qualities. The singer highlighted that, according to him, Bob Dylan is a better songwriter who has impressive poetic lyrics, while Neil Young is a better musician who can play many instruments competently. Despite this slight difference between the two, David Crosby thinks they are both excellent in their own way.

A Twitter user’s question to David Crosby:

Bob Dylan or Neil Young?

The singer’s reply:

“They are both good. Bob’s a better poet. Neil’s a better musician. They are both good.”

You can see the tweets below.