Rod Stewart: ‘The Rolling Stones Were A Blues Band Playing For 12 People’

Rod Stewart appeared in a new interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show and recalled the gig where The Rolling Stones played to only 12 people. When Clarkson asked about the first time Stewart saw The Rolling Stones live and whether or not they were making blues music, he recalled the day and shared a memory from the day:

“Oh, it was a place called Eel Pie Island. It was a little ballroom in Twickenham and there was 12 people there. And Mick’s girlfriend was a girl called Chrissy Shrimpton, who’s a sister of the great model, Jean Shrimpton. And my girlfriend, his girlfriend were friends and they said, ‘Come and see my singer, my boyfriend, he’s a singer.’ She said, ‘Oh, my boyfriend’s a singer, too.’ So, I went over there and watched and there was literally nobody there. And they were all sitting on stools playing, you know.”

He then mentioned the first guitarist of the band, Brian Johnson, and continued:

“Brian Jones was in the band then. And then, within six months to a year bash, that was it; they took off.”

Was Rolling Stones Really A Blues Band?

Although The Rolling Stones are one of the bands that changed rock and roll, back then they were considered a blues band by a few due to their sound that’s different than their more recent stuff. Paul McCartney too, is among those who believe Stones started out as a blues band.

Earlier, the bassist claimed that The Beatles were superior and labeled The Stones as a ‘blues cover band.’ As a response, Jagger shared his perspective on the rivalry between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, emphasizing the similarities between the two bands. commented for the second time on Paul McCartney’s previous remarks, Jagger expressed his view that both bands had comparable beginnings. He acknowledged that even The Beatles started as a ‘blues cover band’ initially, and he went on to appreciate McCartney for making that point.

You can see the interview below.