David Crosby Clarifies Why He’s Been Silent Since He Was Reported Dead

After being wrongfully reported dead around a week ago, David Crosby remained silent for a while. He recently revealed the reason for his silence and stated that he had been working on some new music.

Best known with Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young as well as his solo career, David Crosby was reported dead recently by a couple of websites. His team handled the situation, and it turned out to be a mistaken republication of a 1985 article. Crosby replied sarcastically to this news by stating that they exaggerated his death a little bit.

Since then, the musician didn’t comment on the wrongful news, and his fans were suspicious as to why he had been off the radar. A fan even listed some conspiracy theories related to JFK and Elvis Presley and then asked if David was working on a new album. Once Crosby noticed the comments, he decided to break his silence on Twitter and revealed the real reason why he had been lying low.

Crosby stated that the world needs music right now, hence he is focused on producing more work. David stated that he just finished a ‘Lighthouse’ record last week. Aside from that, Crosby revealed that he and his son James have just started a new ‘Skytrails’ record which is based on one of his songs with Graham Nash called ‘Samurai.’ He finished his tweet by stating that things are currently rough in the world, and that is why he is focusing on putting new music out there.

Here is what the fan stated about his absence at first:

“I love ya’ll, hope love and happiness are interrupting your weekend repeatedly. Shout out to my family, and David Crosby, who has been very quiet since he was wrongly reported dead. Is it a JFK thing? Him and Elvis stashed away in a government compound. An album?”

Another fan replied:

“Croz is on another creative roll. Yay!”

David Crosby replied by stating:

“I am actually. I mean, we just now finished a Lighthouse Record last week, and James and I have just started a new Skytrails record. Two rockers and a vocal extravaganza based on Samurai so far. Times are not good. Folks need music. It helps.”

Fans have been concerned with Crosby’s age and health issues. However, the musician has been showing his strength to the world more and more each day continuing to make music and not giving up on his passion. It seems like he still has his priorities straight and will continue making music until the day he physically cannot.

You can see the tweets below.