Dave Grohl Shares The Hardest Part Of Losing Kurt Cobain


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl shared his feelings about the passing of Kurt Cobain during the new BBC documentary named ‘When Nirvana Came To Britain.’

Before forming Foo Fighters, Dave was the well-known drummer of Nirvana. The band hired him to replace Chad Channing after the release of their debut studio album. They recorded ‘Nevermind’ and ‘In Utero’ together, but Nirvana disbanded following Kurt Cobain’s passing.

The death of such a great star shocked everybody, and it seems like Dave still hasn’t overcome this tragic event. Dave mentioned in the documentary that he is still processing his bandmate’s death.

While saying that he had to process it for a long time, Grohl also mentioned how hard it is to explain to his kids, who love Nirvana, why they disbanded. As Dave said, Kurt Cobain’s passing will require a lifetime of healing.

Dave Grohl talked about Kurt Cobain’s death in the documentary:

“I’m still processing Kurt’s death because I have to explain it to my kids, who love Nirvana.

Because for the longest time, I would try to process it, and talk about it with friends and family and things like that, and they would help me, but now I feel like I have to help my kids go through it. It’s a lifetime of healing.

Additionally, Dave also recalled the time he first joined Nirvana and touched upon the fact that they were always in a good mood. Also, Grohl stated that he stills dreams about Nirvana, imagining how it would be like getting on stage together again.