Ted Nugent Shares His Non-Musical Equipment Used To Improve His Performance

Ted Nugent prides himself on being a part of the hunting community, and it seems like he has reflected this lifestyle in his music as well. While chatting with AXS TV, the guitarist shared his must-haves while on tour, and it’s just not guitars and amps.

The Handsome Devil is known to be quite outspoken regarding his right to bear firearms. He had even invited the authorities to his house to ‘come and take’ his guns after two gun control laws were greenlighted in the House of Representatives. So, with his love of firearms and hunting, Nugent’s choice of nonmusical equipment for the times he’s on the road isn’t much of a surprise.

“I’m the only guitar player in the world that has guitars and amplifiers, and I also bring my bow and arrow on the road,” told Ted as he disclosed his must-haves while hitting the road. “I always have since, geez, 1964-1965 with the Amboy Dukes, and [at the] backstage, we set up phone books or boxes with newspapers [to shoot].”

When the host pointed out that phone books weren’t so easy to find nowadays, Ted recalled the old days. He said, “That’s, talking about the old days, a little before your time key but [at the] backstage I play my guitar and I hang out with the guys, but then I get my bow, and I celebrate the ‘Samurai Spirit of the Mystical Flight of the Arrow.’”

He mentioned that his choice of shooting with bows and arrows before going on stage helped him get the energy he needed to perform. “It gets me more piss and vinegar, which I will put to use on stage. So, I got guitars, amps, bows, and arrows. I think that’s rather unique.”

Ted’s bow and arrows seem to be as important to him as his musical equipment while on the road. We might say this isn’t much of a surprise since the guitarist always emphasizes his love of firearms and other hunting weapons, so it’s pretty Ted Nugent-like to practice with his bows and arrows before a show.