Dave Grohl Addresses The Time Mick Jagger Went Unnoticed In A Local Bar


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl gave an interview to CNN and revealed his thoughts on the recent incident of Mick Jagger hanging out in a bar and nobody recognizing him.

There is no doubt that Rolling Stones is among the greatest rock and roll bands around the world. Since their formation in 1962, they have remained one of the most successful and renowned music acts in rock music history. Although almost everyone around the world can notice him by his distinctive looks, Rolling Stones’ iconic frontman Mick Jagger recently went to a bar, and no one recognized him.

This incident happened before The Stones’ Charlotte, North Carolina show at Thirsty Beaver Bar. Later on, it turned out that the people sitting near Jagger had tickets for the Stones’ show, but even they didn’t realize it was him.

In an interview by CNN, Dave Grohl was asked to comment on this incident by the hosts. Grohl said that it was an amazing thing, and Mick Jagger is such an inspiration. He then stated that he believes that most rock and rollers are still kids at heart, and they sometimes want to go to a bar to have a drink and hang out without being recognized.

Dave Grohl told CNN that:

“It’s amazing. You know, I think in most rock and rollers, there’s still that kid at heart who fell in love with their records on their bedroom floor when they were young. So, it doesn’t really matter all the bells and whistles, and all of the success. I mean, it’s amazing and awesome, but you’re still that kid at heart.

I bet you Mick Jagger is the same way. It’s like he’s got a night off and he’s going to go to the Thirsty Beaver or whatever it was to go have a beer and just hang out. He’s still a rock and roller, that’s what he’s going to do. I think it’s amazing. I love Mick Jagger, he’s amazing and such an inspiration. But yeah, it’s just a dude having a beer on a night off.

You can check out the rest of the interview below.