Courtney Love Sheds Light On ‘Painstakingly Slow’ Album Creation Process

Courtney Love, the fearless frontwoman of the ’90s alternative rock band Hole, is back and ready to make a comeback in the music industry. However, considering her recent Instagram post, she will just take her time with this album.

“Living Welsh but got Nashville on my mind, in my ears, in my eyes,” the singer wrote before giving details about her upcoming album. “Listening to butch (walker) re-record a song of mine was mind-blowing. He re-recorded it. Unlike others, didn’t think I need my (& Justin Parker & Ellen G. White -my ride or die co-writers) and our songs ‘completely redone.’”

Love continued, “Uh, no. My ears are my best strength. These songs have slowly been curated body, soul, heart, and spirit painstakingly slow (Oh! You noticed?) because female privilege means no one expects sh*t from me. It’s like getting picked last on the baseball team your whole life.”

She also highlighted that she is taking her time with the album because she doesn’t want to fall into the trap of releasing too many albums too quickly, leading to artistic stagnation for her. Courtney noted, “Your nose pressed against the glass. But it’s also the gift of insight that the reason most artists suck as they age is because they’re on a habit trail of 10 albums in 7 years! Bunch of cash up front! No one stays good like that.”

The rocker then added, “In the case of this album, it’s like slow cooking. Slow food. Slow down. Only say what you need to desperately say. When the spirit moves me to sing it – not because capitalist realism, flawed as it is, expects career artists to just shit out genius nuggets – there’s only been one Beatles! I know a dude (a few) on that habit trail; eat the world 18 or so albums in; he’s got 3 (?) songs with. Good compositions.”

Reflecting more about her intention with her new effort, Love said, “By opting out of the vampire party, I’ve taken my time, and since no middle-aged artist of any gender has done their career best at this age, I like that. Doing what’s never happened. That interests me, not ‘reunions.’ If I could just get America off-brand Courtney 95, that would be great. But it’ll happen.”

The vocalist also joked about possibly changing her name, noting, “Maybe like the great wave Japanese artist Hokusai I’ll just change my name (he did 4 or 5 times in his life starting with something like ‘raging angry cock rooster- lock up daughter to ending with ‘crazy old man who loves to paint with daughter’) Bowie didn’t invent this, the Japanese did.”

The former Hole singer concluded his words, saying, “And butch re-did this song with surprise, awe and grace. Every lick, every live drum, he even went elegantly wee weird in the accessible Radiohead shimmies. I thought only a Brit could do it. A steady diet of Bowie Beatles bunnymen. Never judge a book by its cover. Or it’s Grammys. Subtle, gorgeous work, butch. I’m awestruck.”

The musician released her latest album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ with Hole in 2010. Judging by this statement, the main reason why she took a break from her musical journey for 13 years is she just wanted to take her time. Apparently, she will only release new material when she feels like it rather than adhering to a strict release schedule.