Courtney Love Says She Was Depicted As ’The Crazy Bitch’ By The Sexist Media

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love posted a tweet to remind her fans of the news after she was sexually abused by a security guard, which was used against her to prove that’s she’s crazy. Also, LOve revealed the reason why she didn’t have the courage to pursue the lawsuit.

As you may recall, in one of her Instagram posts, Courtney Love stated that financial advisor and author Suze Orman made fun of her statements about finance while supporting Financial Times’ Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign. Love described their previous conversation with the famous advisor as devastating and discouraging.

Also, Love has noted several times during interviews that Vanity Fair’s Nancy Jo Sales called her ‘crazy’ on various occasions. Recently, the musician reminded her fans of the treatment she received after she and Patty Schemel claimed that a security guard sexually abused them. She pointed at the sexist journalists trying to label them ‘crazy bitches’ accusing men without solid proof.

Courtney said that she was so ashamed that she couldn’t pursue the lawsuit. In her following tweet, Love resembled this article to Nancy Jo Sales’ ‘The Fraud,’ which she wrote in 2012. It’s not sure whether Sales will respond to Love accusing her of being a sexist journalist or not.

Love’s tweet read as follows:

“My mom used to have us read Ms. Magazine where they’d point out sexism in media of the ’70s. This is ’94. Myself & Patty Schemel sexual assault & battery lawsuit using quotes to make us out as ‘crazy bitches’ (of course we were too ashamed to pursue the lawsuit).”

She added:

“Nancy Jo Sales’ ‘The Fraud 2012.’ Same shit.

You can see the tweets below.