Courtney Love Receives Special Gift From Kim Kardashian

Former Hole lead vocalist, Courtney Love recently shared an Instagram post while she was wearing a special gift from tv personality and businessperson, Kim Kardashian. She stated that the gift came the right time before she went to the hospital and expressed her gratitude for the gift on her official Instagram account.

As you may remember, Courtney Love teamed up with Big Moon guitarist and vocalist, Juliette Jackson to perform and release a series, ‘Bruises of Roses’ that will include Love’s favorite songs from various legendary bands and musicians. Their first cover, ‘California Stars’ which was the song of Wilco and Billy Bragg’s album, ‘Mermaid Avenue’ was released on June 2, 2021.

Courtney Love and Juliette Jackson received very positive reviews from their fans and critics thanks to their remarkable cover performance. Also, in one of her recent interviews, Love told that she was very sick because of her anemia and suffered a lot. She was very close to death due to losing too much weight. However, she said that she was getting better and better.

She recently shared that she needed to stay in hospital for a few days as part of her ongoing recovery and appreciated his doctor’s amazing talent and good-looking. Also, she praised Kim Kardashian’s gift to her from SKIMS which is an underwear company founded by Kardashian. She posted her photo of wearing the clothes gifted by her on her Instagram account. Kim Kardashian also wrote a comment to reflect her admiration.

Here’s what she wrote:

“I have a hospital stay next week so Kim Kardashian sent me this big box of amazing skims.

(My doctor is handsome, funny, skilled, Scottish & her majesty the queen’s doctor. So, he is very good at keeping people alive! I’ll be fine! ) Skims are the design fire of Kim Kardashian.”

You can see the picture below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram