Courtney Love Recalls The Time She Was The Singer Of Faith No More

Courtney Love posted 37-year-old video footage of her singing with her first band Faith No More on her official Instagram account and recalled the time she was homeless and broke but having hope about the future.

Faith No More is an American rock band known to have changed names and vocalists throughout the years before finally settling on the legendary Mike Patton as their lead vocalist and lyricist. Formed in 1979, the band switched names from Sharp Young Men and Faith No Man before settling on Faith No More.

As we can see in the previous names of the band, they stated that they wanted to preserve male energy which later concluded in firing Courtney Love as their vocalist. Although the band fired her for being a woman, Courtney Love and the band’s keyboardist Roddy Bottum remained to be close friends ever since.

Love stated her gratitude towards the members of the band for hiring her and saving her from homelessness in the first place. She also states that being fired from the band has given her the determination and the rage of trying to do much better than Faith No More afterward.

Here is what she wrote:

“This is 37 years old… In my first band Faith No More. It’s the oldest footage of us to surface. Not much of a song yet, not much of a frontwoman yet, but we all start somewhere! I was a homeless street kid, and I’m grateful to these guys for adopting me. This was a scary but fun time… wilding on the streets of San Francisco… note how at 0:51 seconds the guys say “the loudest“ and I say ‘the best band!’

Getting kicked out of this band was one of the best things that ever happened to me, they wrote a number 1 hit with epic that I used to have to strip to at World Famous Seventh Veil and Jumbo’s Clown Room and it pissed me off so much to be stripping to it, that it made me determined, gave me the head of steam to keep going and keep it together for my own band. ‘Well if they can do it I can!’ And oh hey Roddy Bottum, lifelong Soul Mate. And as I proudly say… Ex-boyfriend! Thanks for buying Mary Janes for me in Chinatown so I wasn’t barefoot everywhere in SF anymore… we’re cute.” 

We knew Faith No More especially because of Mike Patton’s fame. Even for some strict rock music fans, Courtney Love being a vocalist even briefly might come as a shock. So we say thank you to Courtney Love for sharing this video and her memories with the band after 37 years.

You can see her Instagram post here.